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Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Scotland

We do love Scotland, my bonnie, don’t we? 

That’s why I have a very special article today, just for you! Ten interesting facts I bet you didn’t know about Scotland! 

Sit comfortably, make yourself a nice, hot beverage and let’s start exploring one of our favorite countries in the whole world.

Skara Brae. Image source: Wikipedia

Have You Ever Heard of Skara Brae? 

A terrible storm during the winter of 1850, revealed a Neolithic village full of stone buildings, in Orkney of Scotland. The local laird organized an excavation on that location. 

Eighteen years later, four stone house remains were discovered. And the excavation stopped...until 1925 when another huge storm started. It destroyed some of the previous remains, so people decided to construct a sea wall in order to protect that place. During the construction, even more ancient buried buildings were found. Skara Brae is a Scottish Pompeii! After this revelation, an entire medieval city was discovered there, and of course preserved. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s go visit it!

Knap of Howar, Oldest Preserved Stone House. Image source: Wikipedia

The Oldest Preserved Stone House In Northern Europe Is In Scotland

The famous Knap of Howar is Scotland’s medieval juel. Like Skara Brae, the house is in Orkney as well. It is very impressive to discover that the doorways of this house were very low and were always facing the sea. I assume that this wasn’t a coincidence. 

There were no windows, but this amazing stone house had a secret passage that led to another house, room or workshop. Evidence shows that the inhabitants of that house lit fires, had cattle and used to go fishing, too.

A Not So Tasty Traditional Dish

A very traditional dish of Scotland is Haggis. 

I will be honest, lassie. I did indeed taste it once. But I can’t say I liked it much...or at all, for that matter. Let’s see what it is made of!

This dish includes the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep. And we aren’t done yet. All these are boiled inside the animal’s stomach. No comments, dearie. I just can’t. Terrible, ain’t it?

A Super Delicious Breakfast

A traditional scottish breakfast includes black pudding, Lorne sausage, baked beans, tattie scones, poached egg, toast and English tea or coffee. 

That will do! 😉 Feeling hungry yet?

It is really worth mentioning here that this breakfast of champions is also a great hangover treatment! Which brings me to my next fact…

Scotch, the traditional drink of Scotland. Image source: pixabay

A Scotch On The Rocks, Please!

In Germany there is beer, in Prague absinthe...well, in Scotland there is the real old style whiskey! We’re talking about the world’s finest whiskey, the famous scotch. 

What Does whiskey Mean In Scotland?

Did you know? In Gaelic brogue whiskey means the water of life

Who needs a drink? 😉

Sample  of penicillin mould present by Alexander Fleming to Douglas Macleod, 1935. Image Source: Wikipedia

Thanks To Scotland, We Have Antibiotics

The credits of the penicillin discovery go to...Sir Alexander Fleming. Born in Scotland, the man created a powerful, drastic antibiotic that saved millions of lives. In 1945, Alexander Fleming earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Castle Eilean Donan. Image Source: Pixabay

There Are Approximately 300 Castles In Scotland

Considering Scotland’s size, there is about one castle per 100 square miles. Like a beautiful, gothic fairy tale , right?

Why so many castles, you may ask? Thanks to the old clans. Clans started to exist from the moment Scotland’s remarkable civilization was born. The clans were an ancient institution in Scotland’s history. Scotland’s entire system was based on the clan institutions.

And speaking of clans...

A Scotsman wearing a kilt, Image Source: Pixabay

The Different Clans Were Distinguished By The Pattern Of Knitting  On Their Kilts

Such a small detail but of so much importance. Small details are the ones that make the difference, right?

"Non Omnis Moriar" (Not All of Me Will Die), Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh. Image Source: Wikipedia

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

I won’t mention the magnificent tales, legends and creatures of Scotland such as  Nessie, fairies, selkies and more…it will take me an eternity if I start writing about them! Today I will focus on ghosts.

Edinburgh is the city of ghosts and the number #1 haunted destination in Europe. It is probably every ghost hunter’s favorite place. It is worth mentioning that there is an entire tourism schedule based on that.

Greyfriars Kirkyard is located at the Old Town of Edinburgh and Burials have been taking place since the late 16th century. I won’t say anything else about that, I will let the photographs talk instead.

The Pitcairne vault within the Covenanter's Prison, Greyfriars Kirkyard. Image Source: Wikipedia

My Goodbyes For Now

That’s it for now, my bonnie! I hope you enjoyed today’s article. Scotland has always been in my heart since I was a kid. I will never stop loving it and hopefully I will never stop writing about it.

I would love to hear your thoughts once again! 

You can leave your comment right below, or email me. 

Until next time, farewell, my dearie.

Written by Lydia Kendall


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  • Wow, you’re right there’s a lot more to Scotland than just scenery, clans, and tourism. Now I’ve got to learn more. Scotland is my ancestry and I want to learn it. Thank you so very much.

  • Each of these stories about Scotland only make me regret that I have yet to visit. your articles provides an array of Spectacular vistas to explore. Thank you

  • That haggis sounds awful, I would die in that time. Don’t get me started on ghosts, the ones you know are there but can’t see, that is what I have, it tapped on my a couple of times, I don’t like that. Be well

  • Absolutely loved your thoughtful descriptions, information, and zest for all that is Scottish. You take me there in your stories, now I can see another piece of history. Thank you, as always, for such a journey.

  • Thanks for all the historical information on these wonderful places in Scotland! These clans had a powerful history and endurance.

  • I love ghost stories and there are lot of them in Scotland and Ireland but I have to say we have some in Quebec Canada as well. We have Scottish,Irish and French in our blood and we probably brought our ghosts with us or maybe we have some of our own. I love to visit haunted places with my son and grandson.What a family’s pastime,right!

  • I have always loved reading books about The Scots, Vikings, and Nomads and Lords. They make every girls dream come true.The have to be the sexiest men alive. Killing for what they want and taking the leading lady. I wish I could see Scotland one day.

  • Well, my favourite tipple is Scotch & the one I do really love is Dalwhinnie as it is so smooth & not at all raspy as it goes down the hatch. I do love that photo of Eilean Donan castle & would love to visit. Scotland is on my bucket list as I have fallen for all those braw Scots in their varied kilts & magnificently heroic deed. Long live Scotland!!

  • My wife, Ann, went to Skara Brae in 2018. Got lots of photos too. My wife’s maiden name is McMullen – we also saw the 1st MacMillan bicycle, Robert Burn’s home and other exciting places. We went on the Outlander tour. Anyway, enjoyed the 2nd visit to Skara Brae. Thank you.

  • That was very interesting I have always loved Scotland and its history and learning about the people thankyou for sharing it .

  • I love this information. I never knew. I’m going to plan my next trip to Scotland. I think the history is magical.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you so much. I loved the article. Would love to visit Scotland one day. Visit the Highlands, the castles and the lowlands. Very much like a fantasy land to me. Keep the stories coming

  • I too have always felt a connection to Scotland. My father’s mothers family were from Scotland. So I love reading your books and history of this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️

  • Scotland is also my favorite place in his world we live in. My ancestors came from there and I have had many wonderful holidays there. How could I not love your Scottish Books as well your insights into everything that makes Scotland so unique!! Thank You.

  • We visited Scotland in 2000 and it was everything I had hoped for. Most of the food was wonderful…except haggis. I loved the fish and chips and the shortbread. We were there 10 days and saw as many castles as we could fit in.The people we met were warm and kind to us. Your article brought back many fond memories. The Tattoo was also great fun.Renee

    • It is great to hear about your experience in Scotland, dear Renee! I hope you visit again, soon!
      So glad to hear you liked the article. Thank you 🙂

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