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​A Western Tale of Love and Fate

It takes only a moment for destiny to shift...

​Owner of the "Red Stallion", hotelier Zoe Ferguson lives an independent but lonely life. When a charming bounty hunter arrives at her hotel looking for a wanted serial killer, her quiet days are over.

​On the trail of a notorious outlaw, Quinn Mortensen’s entire world changes when he comes across a beautiful hotelier. Little does he know, that behind that fair facade hides a secret past that just might be his undoing

​With Zoe's role in the hunt a complete mystery, a new revelation threatens to tear them apart, and Quinn must make a choice: hide the truth from Zoe or lose her forever.

The Risky Wager of a Masked Lady

Whatever souls are made of, his and hers were the same…

Lady Marjorie Acton never expected to manage to convince so many people that she is a man.

When her father, the Marquess of Mortham, announces that she is to marry a gentleman nearly thrice her age, she decides to rebel against him. Under the cover of night and a servant’s clothing, she leaves for the one place that always felt like home: the horse racing tracks.

Evan Sedgewick, Earl of Lanercost and successful breeder of racing horses, can barely believe his eyes when his newly recruited rider emerges victorious from the race, exhibiting unprecedented talent.

But when an accident nearly claims Marjorie’s life, not only is her cover blown, but it also becomes apparent that Evan has a very deadly enemy. One that will stop at nothing to get what they want: Evan’s life and the Acton family’s greatest secret…

Highlander's Hidden Destiny

She found him both dismaying and utterly attractive, in an enticing yet forbidden way...

Trapped in an engagement she never wanted, Amelia Barton, daughter of the Earl of Workington, feels her life is finally over. Until the day true love comes knocking on her door in the face of a dashing Highlander.

Orphaned by his mother since birth, Feargan Galbreth, Laird of Loch Beira, travels to France to stop the Jacobite cause. When called upon by the Royal Court, the most beautiful lass he has ever seen enters his life like a bolt of lightning.

When Amelia gets kidnapped, Feargan is accused of the crime. Determined to prove his innocence, he will stop at nothing to find her.

Amidst this desperate hunt, love and lust are not the only things that come to light. Feargan has been living a lie and the truth about his parentage lies in an old handkerchief that everybody thought lost.

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