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How to Catch an Earl with Ten Lies

When her uncle states that her sister is to marry a man of ill repute, Penelope does the extreme to spare her: she poses as Edith and takes her place.

The Revenge of the Highlander's Bride

Embarking on a journey to save her family from ruin, Margery Briley is forcefully taken to Darach: the handsome Laird with whom she falls madly in love.

The Breaking Dawn of a Fallen Duke

Lost in the slums of London and at the mercy of rascals, Gabriella Griffith's savior comes in the form of a handsome commoner with a bizarre past...

Lured into Sin by the Wicked Earl

When an explosion destroys Adam's lab, Susannah's worst nightmare becomes reality: someone is not only after Adam's inventions but also his life.

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