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An Immoral Dilemma for the Scandalous Lady

In the throes of their passion, his soul lay close to hers; he finally had her all to himself...

Phoebe Elkins, daughter of the Earl of Wycliff, knew from a young age that she would one day marry Evan Boltmon. If an arranged marriage wasn’t enough, her mortification grows even greater when she realizes she is completely infatuated with her betrothed’s younger brother.

Owen Boltmon, the youngest son of the Duke of Bentley, is a dignified and courageous lord...and madly in love with his brother’s intended. When his brother disappears at sea, he is torn between devastation and a twisted sense of relief.

But when a blessing in disguise knocks on the door, what would have been a dream come true under other circumstances, now feels like the greatest burden to bear: Evan returns and he is not the person they remember...

The Beauty and the Earl

She was magic for his soul and light for his senses...

Cornelia Hill was born different.

Deemed cursed by her parents, she was raised among a band of traveling showfolk. Having spent all her days as an exhibit for people to marvel at, a new development throws her life in disarray: she has but a single night until she is sold to a wealthy stranger.

Archibald Serton, newly appointed Earl of Rochester, is a man with a title that he doesn’t want. In his life of few joys and even fewer acquaintances, the appearance of a peculiar woman seeking asylum fills him with newfound will to live.

But whoever is after Cornelia is not far behind and in his race to save her from a terrible fate, Archibald must face reality. Not only is Cornelia not who they all think she is, but like the proverbial snake in the bosom, he’s been harboring a traitor all along…

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