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Wanton Ladies and Rakish Lords

8 Books included

A Free Steamy Regency Romance Collection

Seduced by the Brooding Duke

Bared to the Wicked Baron

The Duke she Desires

A Wicked kind of Countess


Powerful Lords and Unique Ladies

5 Books Included

A Free Clean Regency Romance Collection

The Cursed Duke and His Bluestocking

The Awakening of the Lost Baroness

The Last Lady of Thornhill Manor

The Dukedom of the Beast


Dangerous Highlanders and Wild Lasses

3 Books included

A Free Scottish Romance Collection

Captured by his Highland Kiss

Highlander’s Untamed Bride

Falling for the Highlander


Trapped in Justice

3 Books included

A Free Crime Fiction Collection

Prisoner of Justice

A Deadly Lawyer

The Price of Justice


Western Tales of Love and Courage

2 Books included

A Free Western Romance Collection

Finding the Broken Cowboy

The Cowboy’s Quest for Love


Latest Releases

The Duke and the Unwanted Bride

Maybel Bardot


The Duke's Shy Wallflower

Alianna Brookes


Taken by the Scarred Highlander

Maddie MacKenna


Duke of Ruin

Violet Hamers


A Lord to Save Her

Emma Linfield


The Duchess Project

Hazel Linwood


Law's Abyss

Ellis Keler


Her Charming Duke

Hanna Hamilton


The Replacement Duchess

Patricia Haverton


A Bride for the Rakish Marquess

Daphne Byrne


The Duke's Stubborn Wallflower

Arabella Wells


A Runaway Bride for the Duke

Harriet Caves


Bound by her Earl

Scarlett Osborne


The Icy Highlander's Bride

Eloise Madigan


A Virgin for the Ruthless Highlander

Lydia Kendall


Ruined by the Devilish Duke

Olivia Bennet


The Duke's Untamable Bride

Tiffany Baton


Wedded to the Icy Duke

Emma Linfield


A Game with the Rakish Duke

Ava MacAdams


A Bride for the Rakish Duke

Sally Vixen


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Upcoming Releases

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The Duke's Stolen Spinster

Ophelia Winslow
“You have demanded your price, your enemy’s daughter as your wife” When Audrey’s father cannot repay his debt to the most...
Read Preview

The Lawyer's Crime

Freya Atwood
Benjamin Wolfe’s corruption of the law is finally exposed, and he’s more determined than ever to face the consequences. Ret...
Read Preview

A Virgin for the Duke of Ash

Sally Vixen
“What in the name of God are you doing in my bed, Evelyn?” When Evie's brother leaves for his honeymoon, he assigns his mos...
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Wedded to the Forbidden Duke

Ava MacAdams
“Have no doubt, sweet wife, I will have you begging in surrender by the time the night is done.” Lady Cecilia knows the per...
Read Preview

A Duchess Mistaken

Emma Linfield
“Only you can stop this marriage, Your Grace…”  To get out of a doomed engagement, Agnes needs help from the most unlike...
Read Preview

The Broken Marchioness

Tiffany Baton
“Marriage of convenience or not, you are my wife now…” Marquess Allan is determined to find a wife. And his only conditio...


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