Have you seen a little pouch on a man’s kilt?

What do you mean this is a thing of the past?

Well, guess again!








Yeap that would be the one and only Gerry with his lovely pouch purse that in Scotland we call “Sporran”.

What do you say, that only women carry a purse?…Guess again! Men in Scotland are men enough to want their own bags and trust themselves to be the ones to carry them!

A sporran is a necessary garment accompanying the traditional kilt. Given the fact that kilts carry no pockets, a sporran was handy and mandatory, a safekeeper for the lads who might go far away having their weapon as their only companion. The sporran was their mini satchel and all Scots, poor or rich, young or old, had one as long as they were wearing a kilt.  

What could a modern man carry in his purse?

Money, cell, condoms, keys, you name it…

The one million dollar question, though, is: what would the historic William Wallace carry in his sporran?

Well, definitely not a condom. But money, bullets, medicine…maybe a lock of hair from his dear wife!

What fascinates me is that we always tend to think that men are not particularly interested in their appearance, being more practical creatures and all…

Well, this gender-biased opinion is completely challenged by the sporran.

The sporrans differ in design and material used.



They are usually made of leather, fur of animals, and some have a silver or metallic cantle and decorative tassels. Some of them even have the family crest.


It is also a way to display some traditional Scottish symbols like the thistle for nature lovers or the stug for hunters.

You will also be surprised at the fact that there are day sporrans, semi dress sporrans, dress sporrans needed to cover most occasions.

Thistle Premium Fur Sporran

Choosing a sporran is not an easy case.

So, in a case your lad wishes to imitate the handsome Scottish lad Gerard Butler and his kin, there is only one way to help him. Go and pick his sporran together!

Enjoy your shopping!

Written by Lydia Kendall 


  1. Loved this bit of factual history. My favorite man in a kilt is Liam Neeson, but then I really love Ewan MacGregor, too! Jonathan Scott looks good in a kilt, too!

    • Dear Chris,
      Oh my… Now I believe I will start writing my next book inspired by all the darling men you mentioned! (Liam Neeson is actually Irish but his interpretation of Rob Roy was a marvel! )
      Thank you for your input!

      Enjoy your day!

    • Dear Cheri,
      Thank you dear. To be honest I loved it when I wrote it! Gerard Butler is such an inspiration!

      Enjoy your day!

    • Dear Sandra,
      To be honest I have never thought of that. Thank you for your input.

      Enjoy your day!

  2. Lydia! This is hilarious! I have seen those bags in photos, but did not remember they were called sporrans. I think these days, men would use them for condoms and maybe cigarettes! No, I won’t be buying one for my hubby. His tummy is too big to have anything else on it! Thanks for the great article!

    • Dear Eris,
      Well, now you really challenge me to put up some pictures with quite large men wearing their sporran and look quite unique!
      ( I just chose the Scottish who inspired me for the article!) Don’t hesitate. I am sure he would find it handy!

      Enjoy your day!

  3. Thank you for giving me that little tidbit of info. When I see pics. in a book I will look for it and notice which type of dress of Sporran he has. lol

    • Dear Trudy,
      I am glad you enjoyed the article. Well, now we have one more thing to observe on a Scottish lad! That’s for sure! lol

      Enjoy your day!

    • Dear Charline,
      I believe it is time for your man to get his own sporran. Perhaps you may show him Butler with his own…

      Enjoy your day!

  4. It could be called the original “man Purse” I imagine. You don’t see too many of those being used even today. Men today , or a good share of them, wouldn’t be manly enough to wear/use one, unless he were a Scott and we know how manly those Scottish lads were, and maybe still are.

    • Carol,
      Well, part of me wanted men to write the article so that more people learn about the sporran and another to persuade men to buy one.
      I mean men wearing kilt are so handsome aren’t they?

      Enjoy your day!

  5. WOW!! Who knew. I love anything Scottish. I’m past Scott’s. I dream of the day I can travel to Scotland. I read all the your books I can. Thanks for the lesson on the sporran.

    • Dear Bobbie,
      I am so glad you loved my article. Scotland is a dream destination of many.
      One thing is for sure. It really satisfies the senses.

      Enjoy your day!

  6. Sometimes a small very sharp knife was hidden in the sporran. It has a name but I can’t think of it right now.

    • Dear Mary,
      Interesting… Well, the only knife I know they also have in their traditional outfit is the sgian. They actually put in in their sock. They used it to cut fruit and meat back in the old days. And some other kind of meat in case things got dangerous.
      Thank you for the piece of information.

      Enjoy your day!

  7. I’m amazed how much they can fit into them, especially in many of the Scottish stories, I think I might invest in one. Haha!!

  8. Very interesting .. I have seen them before on men . I just was not sure why . Other than no pockets on kilts..

    • Dear Cheryl,
      Thank you for your input. I am glad you found the article interesting.

      Enjoy your day!

  9. My gramps came from Ireland but wore a kilt with a leather emdbossed sporran to church. Bearing in mind we lived Trinidad a very hot island.
    He always kept a packet of sweets for us among his other stuff.
    As we grew older he told us it also kept Celtic men modest as sporrans were quite weighty and stopped the front from lifting in the wind.

    • Lynne,
      I can not thank you enough for taking the time to write about your grandpa! I have searched many articles to write about the sporran.
      Nowhere did I encounter such a piece of information! Thank you so much for sharing!

      Enjoy your day!

  10. Very interesting article. I like the look of them, especially the one with the Family Crest.
    I’m Irish, but I love everything Scottish too.

    • Dear Starr,
      I happen to agree. No matter where you are from, Scottish have something magical about them.They truly inspire me to write.
      Regarding the Sporrans writing the article I had the chance to look at so many of them and I am telling you.
      It is so hard for me to pick one!

      Enjoy your day!

  11. I’ve seen them in pictures and just thought they were a decoration with no useful function. Your article was very informative.

    • Dear Marge,
      Thank you for expressing your interest. I thought it was an interesting subject too.
      I was amazed at how the sporran was actually not just an ornament as I originally thought.

      Enjoy your day!

  12. Being that I am Scottish i know about the kilt and sporran. All of the men wear them at special occasions and even at my cousins wedding. We even go to veterans fund raising events last week and one of the men had his full Scottish outfit on. I think they look very smart but they are expensive to buy.

    • Dear Wilma May,
      You are so lucky to be surrounded by handsome Scottish men wearing a kilt and a sporran!
      Well, I believe since it is not a repetitive expense it is worth the investment. It certainly adds an oomph to the outfit!

      Enjoy your day!

    • Dear Jean,
      I glad you found it interesting. As for necessity I do not know… To be honest the more I look at Gerard Bulter wearing one the more I think it will be.

      Enjoy your day!

    • Dear Cathy,
      I am glad you liked the article. What can I say! Gerard Butler can be an inspiration in multiple ways!

      Enjoy your day!


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