Early 19th century​ urban legends and supernatural stories from Britain

Alright, I’m gonna be honest here: I’m a sucker for supernatural stories. Even more so, if these stories are creepy and scary and bone-chilling an ...

Sporran: The Mysteries of the Scottish Man's “Purse”

Have you seen a little pouch on a man’s kilt? What do you mean this is a thing of the past? Well, guess again! Yeap that would be the one and ...

Where is Braveheart going?

The name of William Wallace is mentioned not only in the history of Scotland but in Scottish Historical Romances as well. His figure is legendary and ...

Doune Castle, the Game of Thrones and the Scottish Historical Romance

When you write a story that takes the reader back in time, the first thing that comes in mind is not always the characters, despite what many people t ...

A Scottish Tale: A King, a Witch and a Cat walked into a Pub in 1589

From Sabrina to Nicole Kidman in “Bewitched” to the gory american tv series “Salem”, witchcraft is a recurring topic of interest. Nowadays the ...

The Loch Ness Monster: a Myth or Reality?

Loch Ness...a place filled with mystery and legends! First of all let us say that the Loch Ness is the second largest loch (Irish and Gaelic word f ...

The Faery Folk of Scottish Lore

“Faeries show the truth to me. For only truth I wish to see.”   Scotland: a land steeped in legends, superstitions and folklore. Imagine ...

Druids, the Philosophers of the North

When one hears the word "Druids", surely his mind goes to a character like Panoramix or to an old man with a long beard, holding a pole, wit ...

How to Attract the Faery Folk

*Please Note: This is written purely for entertaining purposes. The opinions and events listed below are not to be taken as factual truth. This is mer ...

Ancient Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings

I bet you’ve noticed this pretty little spiral that decorates my website. And I bet you’ve seen it before! Did you ever grow curious enough to ...

Who Were the “Little Mermaids” of Scotland?

Of all the creatures of Scottish folklore, none attracts more attention than the selkie. The word Selkie comes from the Scottish word Selch� ...

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