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The Loch Ness Monster: a Myth or Reality?

Loch Ness…a place filled with mystery and legends!

First of all let us say that the Loch Ness is the second largest loch (Irish and Gaelic word for lake) in Scotland, extending southwest of the well-known town Inverness.

However, what is even more mythical about this place is not its history or its setting, but the most famous monster of all times…


It’s most likely that you’ve already heard of the name but…how much do you really know? Keep reading to find out more!

Who is Nessie?

The Loch Ness Monster or Nessie is said to be a creature living in the Scottish Highlands. People who have allegedly seen it, describe is as a large in size beast, with a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water. 

According to the myth, the “water beast” attacked and ate a local resident, but was forced to return underwater, due to its master’s commands. This incident allegedly took place back in 565 AD…well, that was a long time ago, right? 

After that, the second discussion of a sighting of a strange creature in the loch may have been in the 1870s, when D. Mackenzie of Balnain claimed to have seen something “wriggling and churning up the water”—these were his exact words. He said that “the object moved slowly at first, disappearing at a faster speed”. However, he had not shared his story until 1934, when other people started reporting the sighting of a similar monster. Research, though, indicates that several newspapers did publish items about a creature in the loch well before 1934.

Well, if you ask me, it doesn’t really matter if the legend of Nessie was real or fake, mostly because it was passed down from generation to generation and is still alive in our traditions to this day! Which makes it really cool, whether it is a myth or reality…don’t you agree?

Inspiring Hollywood

Amongst other ventures, the monster inspired many movies in Hollywood, such as “The Water Horse, in 2007 or the “Loch Ness” movie, in 1996.                                        

Of course, the film industry wasn’t the only one who was enchanted by this mystery. This kind of ancient Scottish myths about such water creatures caught the attention of the scientific community as well.

In 1994, London surgeon R. K. Wilson was able to take a picture that appeared to show a tenuous head and neck rising above the surface of the water…instantly, Nessie was again a frontpage of all newspapers!

Additionally, there have been many organized attempts to search for the Loch Ness Monster. Some of them are named below:

Well, is it Real then?

The one million dollar question though is: did anyone find any solid proof to support the existence of this magical creature?

Well, the truth is that the whole subject is open until today and all expeditions ended up inconclusive. Who knows! 

But there truly is something special about Loch Ness and its vast waters. Meaning that this doesn’t stop us from keeping these amazing myths and legends alive in our imagination!

Scotland has unique ancient traditions and extraordinary myths, that can all be inspired by! My advice? Take a look at the magnificent lore and let your imagination run wild!

If you enjoyed this article, please let me know!

Have a blessed day!


Written by Lydia Kendall


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  • Enjoyed the article I have heard about nessie but as a myth I now believe someone saw something but as far as I know no one has been hurt


  • I enjoyed this article and being reminded of the Loch Ness legend. I agree it’s something that should be left up to individuals imagination. If you just let your mind run free thinking about the possibilities of such a legend, you never know what your mind will come up with and any given day it will be different.


  • I liked the article . My favorite author Diana Gabadon’s view of the monster is a great one if you believe in lei lines . I know I spelled that wrong. But if there is a lei line under the Loch Ness, an ancient fish that no longer lives in our era could come through the time warp and serface in the Loch just as bewildered as we are.


  • Thank you sooo much for sending me this article. I have been a fan of this particular myth of Nessie and I definitely want to see the lock myself even if I am not fortunate enough to see Nessie itself. I lived in London for a year way back in 1994, but unfortunately I was very busy studying for an MA and I could not travel to all the places I would have wanted. I did go to Ireland briefly though, and saw the marvelous Celtic illustrations at Trinity College!
    I have always been in love with the kind of stories you write about strong, passionate, willful, and yet caring highland characters. I love passionate stories that describe the way of life in yonder days. Thank you so much for this. Keep them coming! Yours, Connie


  • I have been to Loc Ness and took a boat tour to look for Nessie. My late wife was disappointed that she didn’t see Nessie. Let the legend live on, in the Highlands, anything is possible.


  • I have been there. There is a magic vibe and the nature surrounding the “loch” adds a breathtaking feeling.
    Nessy is a part of this enviroment and if it is not real it doesn’t matter. I am a fun of Nessy and support its legend


  • Yes, in Outlander ,Claire sees it they left that out of the TV series, I think Diana Gabledon should be mad that shows how magical a place Scotland is. I want to go someday.


  • I have read books about druids & s queen fairy & k ing fairy that lived in a different realm, so who knows what to believe in lock ness river i like to hope so.


  • I liked this article on Nessie. I have seen a few documentaries on this subject, coming back with I’m not sure if it is real or not. I remember one documentary that a man made a fake Nessie and filmed it, but it was a hoax. So like you said there is really no proof if it is fake or lore. I like to think that there really is a Nessie.


  • I very much enjoyed your article! It truly doesn’t matter if Nessie actually exists or not. The myth itself is what attracts people to visit the loch as well as the rest of Scotland. This myth, as well as others, make Scotland and pc Ireland wonderful places to visit, enjoy, and relish. They are what make me continue to explore my heritage!


  • Hi Lydia. I really enjoyed this article. I truly believe in the mythical and magical. Last summer I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time in Scotland. We rented a house in Inverness and each evening planned out our daily excursions. Loch Ness was one of them. Scotland is truly beautiful and magical.


  • Thank you Lydia, for this bit of info re the myth/legend of the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie). I do think it’s cool to have some of these myths/legends around as they keep us curious, intrigued & wondering whether or not to investigate further. Such a myth/legend exists at Christmas time when we tell children that Santa is coming, but only to good little boys & girls. The thought of giving without expectation of receiving is wonderful & really embodies the true spirit of Christmas.


  • Lydia,
    Aren’t humans the most egotistical beings?
    We believe that we are the only sentient life form. I personally believe that Nessie is real and that there could be other life forms that we will discover as time goes on.
    Thank you for the informative article. I would love to see some scientist prove that Nessie is real and not an unfounded legend.


  • It is my belief that there is something out there and it wants to be left alone. Apart from the one tale of whatever it is, eating someone, which I believe to be utter hogwash, it has not bothered anyone else, which gives rise to the fact that it is a peaceful being. But, even a peaceful being when pushed to the brink,will defend itself and itself and its home and you can’t blame a creature for doing anything, that is instinctual because even we would do that. Personally, I believe it to be some kind of water dinosaur that was thought to be extinct long ago. Anything is possible because look at all the giant marine squids they have discovered in deep waters, all thought to be extinct. How would this be any different? It does make one ponder the possibilities.


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