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The Wellington Boot

Hello there sweeties,I hope your week is going well so far. Are you gearing up for fall? I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about fall is the chance to wear my boots! I always feel very fashionable when sporting a cool pair of jeans and classic leather boots…But there is [..]

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Regency Era Fencing

Although before the Regency era, fencing was a means of protecting yourself, during it, it officially became a sport. People didn’t simply fence to “work out”, but also for entertainment. Back then, fencing was an essential part of a gentleman’s education and many men even traveled abroad to learn it. But as the importance of it rose, [..]

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Traditional Scottish Holidays and Festivals!

Hello my wonderful lads and lassies,The Scots have a lot of traditions, as we all know. And they sure know how to party! From the Celtic times up until now, some traditions have remained and are still celebrated in Scotland. From Hogmanay to the Highland games, Scotland knows how to have raw fun! Let’s discover some [..]

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Under the Stairs

Hi there my darlings!There are so many different staff members always mentioned in Regency Romances that it is sometimes hard to keep track.So this got me wondering…How many staff were needed to keep a great country house and its estate running smoothly? Let’s take a peek into one of England’s grandest country houses, Audley End [..]

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When Lochs Dry, Hidden Worlds Emerge

Hello my wonderful readers,Scotland is known for having some of the biggest and deepest lochs in the whole wide world. Apart from their size, their beauty draws you in and captivates you. But they also hold mysteries that can be hidden away for centuries. And what happens when the lochs dry up? The mysteries are unveiled, [..]

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Rules of Victorian Dressing

The Victorian Era people were VERY strict about dressing. These people did not play games. One mistake and you were out. Depending on the time of the day, the season, and so much more, the rules varied! It might sound complicated, but it’s the same thing we do now. We dress differently with friends, at work, and [..]

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