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Ten Bizarre Facts about the Victorian Era

Hello my darlings,As you all know, I’m a big fan of the Regency and the Victorian Era. I tremendously enjoy learning more things about them and even more, writing about them.During my research on the era though, I have come across many weird facts. Like, really weird….Some of those left me chuckling, others left me [..]

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Meet Scotland’s Cutest Predator…

Hello my beautiful readers,Scotland is rife with fauna of all kinds. Deer, boar, birds and fish are some of the most ordinary kinds of animals you can find both in the Highlands and the Lowlands. But, personally, I have a favorite. I know I might be biased because I do love kittens, but this species is [..]

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The Man that Defined Scandal!

Hello my dearest!Shall I interest you with the man that invented the term “Bad Boy” in the Regency? Aah bad boys are my biggest weakness, I admit it! But, even if you prefer Mr. Nice Guy, you still can’t ignore how fascinating scandal stories are! So who is this man that will entertain us with [..]

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Getting Divorced in Regency England

Hello there my dear Regency lovers,It’s me again, and now I’m here to share some very interesting information with you!Do you remember how last time we talked about couples who got their Happily Ever Afters and how they got married in the Regency Era?Well, not everyone gets a Happily Ever After…So today, we’re going to [..]

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How to Dress Vintage on a budget

I have a guilty pleasure: I love buying old clothes. I love an authentic 20s or 50s style. I don’t go out dressed in them very often (lockdown has made it worse :P) but my collection is endless. The problem is, these can be quite pricey. If you want an authentic 50s dress, you might have [..]

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Cosmetics in the Regency Era

Hello my dears! Did you miss me? ( I know you did!) So, us women have all used cosmetic products at least once. Okay….At least ten times. Oh, alright! Most of us use them frequently! But have you ever wondered what Regency women used as makeup? Cosmetics go a long way back in human history. Archeologists have found the first evidence of [..]

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