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Six More Dashing Men of the Regency Era

Hello there my sweeties!It’s me again! Coming back to you with the rest of our Dashing Heroes…Because once is never enough to celebrate the feisty heroes we so love to see in our stories, here are six more Dashing Men of the Regency Era!Image Source: Public domainJohn Arthur Douglas Bloomfield, 2nd Baron Bloomfield was a [..]

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Famous Scottish Authors You Need to Read

Hello my amazing readers,If a great Scottish literary figure has inspired you, well, you are not alone. Many people have read the words of Robert Burns, Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson, to name a few of the most significant Scottish authors. But who exactly were these people and what did they do? What did they [..]

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An Invention that Lit the Way to Safety!

How are you my ladies and gents? Welcome back for another trip down history lane (you see what I did here)! I know how much you love those titbits of history and I honestly can’t get enough of them! But this time it’s personal, so let me explain more. You don’t know that, but my grandfather used to [..]

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Famous Nobles That Married Commoners

Let us be honest here.You can’t possibly tell me that you’ve never fantasized about meeting a handsome prince by accident, falling in love and overcoming all adversities to be together.Who hasn’t?(I mean, the man has flowing golden hair, blue eyes, and a while horse. A white horse, people!)We’ve seen it happen in fairy tales, we’ve [..]

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Regency Dancing

We all know that the Regency era had a strict fashion code. In fact, I make sure to constantly mention it because it was of the utmost importance back then!You know the typical stuff, like having to wear a puffy dress and walk around in it all time, not being allowed to have your hair [..]

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Mysterious Disappearances

One of the most chilling things around is having no answers to a mysterious disappearance. Brutal murders are scary in their own way, but living the rest of your life with unanswered questions, never knowing if your loved one lives or not, is far worse. Our minds are a thing of their own and the number [..]

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