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Deadly Victorian Diseases

Even if there still are diseases we have to worry about, modern medicine has come a loooong way. We’re not scared of chickenpox, cholera, and measles anymore because we have pretty much eliminated them. But life wasn’t always that way. Have you ever thought about how many diseases and illnesses people of old times had to [..]

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Food Safety in Regency England

Hi there my darlings!Being cooped up in the house these past few months has me constantly worried about food safety and cross-contamination. I am always very careful about things like that, but having spent extra time at home lately, I have subsequently spent extra time in the kitchen. I have opted to prepare things from [..]

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The Regency Circulating Library

Hi there my darlings,Do you all love the smell of old books in a library as much as I do? I sure hope so! But what did libraries look like in the Regency Era? Well for one thing, they were called Circulating Libraries, instead of our more modern “lending” or “public” libraries.Circulating libraries in the [..]

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Notorious Pirates of the Highlands

​​​Hello my lovely lads and lasses,Who would have thought that Scotland, and most specifically the Highlands, would have any form of piracy? Well, they actually did! That’s where I drew the inspiration for my latest novel, “Captured by a Highland Pirate”. Scotland has some notorious tales of piracy to tell, and it all started from the [..]

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Famous Scottish Spies

​​Hello my amazing readers,Εspionage has actually been one of the oldest professions. And what proper country would dare not to have its famous spies? (Even though, could a really good spy become famous? 😛 )In this article, we are going to learn about Scotland’s famous spies! Do you think Magnolia, the heroine of my latest [..]

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Dinner Parties in Regency England – Then and Now

Hey there gals and gents, We all, at one point or another, have attended a dinner party or two. Ranging from small family dinner parties to large formal events they are an important part of the social life of many cultures. But when did they start? And what did they look like in our favorite era?The [..]

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