Weird Crime Guessing Game

Freya Atwood

I think we’ve had enough negativity this year to last us a lifetime! 2020 has officially been nominated for the worst year ever. But it’s okay because we’re positive people, right?

Instead of showing you stories of tragic true crimes, I thought we should end the year on a positive note together. People commit crimes every single day. It’s a part of life and it’s inevitable. 

But some crimes are so weird they make you laugh. We just can’t help it. 

So today, I thought we should play a little guessing game. 

It’s called “Guess the Weird crime”. It’s inspired by a Facebook group called “The Crime Room”!

The rules are simple. 

1. I post a picture of the person who committed the crime.

2. I post 3 options of what the crime could be.

3. You pause, think it through, and comment on what you think that crime was.

4. You scroll down and see if you guessed right.

Ready? Let’s begin 😉

I’m not going to give any information, I’ll just let you judge everything based on the picture and what you genuinely believe. I’m not going to give the state either, as that’d make it too easy (looking at you Florida!)

a. Driving with no pants on 

b. Punched a delivery pizza guy for forgetting his garlic knots

c. Ate a bar of soap trying to beat a breathalyzer test

Time to pause and think! The answer is further below. 


Watermelon Masks Pd

Time to guess!

a. Tried to rob a stole wearing a watermelon mask

b. Tried to terrorize people wearing a watermelon mask while yelling “I am a superhero”

    c. Wore a bizarre Halloween costume while stealing candy from children

Scroll below for the answer, but don’t forget to comment on what you think first!


Christopher Ragsdale Pd

a. Stole bubblegum and ran in the store naked

b. Attacked his girlfriend after she complained of his smelly farts

c. Ran naked in the streets, screaming that he’s invisible 

Comment your answer and scroll down to learn the answer!


 Heather Hamel Pd

a. Breaking into a neighbor’s house and claiming that God told her to do it

b. Waving a fake gun around while screaming “Bloody Mary”

c. Used fake vampire blood and claimed her neighbor attacked her

The answers are as follows:

Number 1: b

Number 2: a 

Number 3: b

Number 4: c

Did you guess them all right? Did you find it fun? 

Comment below 🙂

-Written by Freya Atwood

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