Sporran: The Mysteries of the Scottish Man’s “Purse”

Lydia Kendall

Have you seen a little pouch on a man’s kilt? What do you mean this is a thing of the past? Well, guess again!

Yeap that would be the one and only Gerry with his lovely pouch purse that in Scotland we call “Sporran”.  What do you say, that only women carry a purse?… Guess again! Men in Scotland are men enough to want their own bags and trust themselves to be the ones to carry them!

A sporran is a necessary garment accompanying the traditional kilt. Given the fact that kilts carry no pockets, a sporran was handy and mandatory, a safe keeper for the lads who might go far away having their weapon as their only companion. The sporran was their mini satchel and all Scots, poor or rich, young or old, had one as long as they were wearing a kilt.  

What could a modern man carry in his purse?

Money, cell, condoms, keys, you name it…

The one million dollar question, though, is: what would the historic William Wallace carry in his sporran?

Well, definitely not a condom. But money, bullets, medicine…maybe a lock of hair from his dear wife.

What fascinates me is that we always tend to think that men are not particularly interested in their appearance, being more practical creatures and all…

Well, this gender-biased opinion is completely challenged by the sporran.

The sporrans differ in design and material used.





This formal dress sporran is a particularly striking sporran. The top, or cantle successfully incorporates both Celtic and thistle designs. The sporran is made using bovine skin which can be either grey or black. The bovine fur is unique to each sporran, so colors will vary. This sporran is hand-crafted in Glasgow by dedicated and experienced craftsmen specializing in Sporran making. This Sporran is also available in a Chrome finish and can be cross chained if desired. Please specify when ordering. The price includes a matching chain strap. Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.

They are usually made of leather, fur of animals, and some have a silver or metallic cantle and decorative tassels. Some of them even have the family crest.


Premium Clan Crest Sporran

It is also a way to display some traditional Scottish symbols like the thistle for nature lovers or the stug for hunters.

You will also be surprised at the fact that there are day sporrans, semi-dress sporrans, and dress sporrans needed to cover most occasions.

Thistle Premium Fur Sporran

Choosing a sporran is not an easy case.

So, in case your lad wishes to imitate the handsome Scottish lad Gerard Butler and his kin, there is only one way to help him. Go and pick his sporran together!

Enjoy your shopping!

Written by Lydia Kendall

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