Mysterious Disappearances

Freya Atwood

One of the most chilling things around is having no answers to a mysterious disappearance. Brutal murders are scary in their own way, but living the rest of your life with unanswered questions, never knowing if your loved one lives or not, is far worse. 

Our minds are a thing of their own and the number of scenarios they can create is admirable. And I believe that’s exactly where this comes from; the fear of the unknown. 

When someone goes missing, we don’t know what has happened to them and that’s when our imagination takes the reins of the situation. 

So today, I’m going to talk to you about three of the most mysterious disappearances we probably will never find answers to…


  1. National Parks Disappearances

Getting lost in the woods is not only incredibly common but also incredibly scary. It’s perhaps no surprise that people keep getting lost, especially when you consider how large our National Parks are. We have 84 million acres of wooded areas, so people love to take advantage of that and go hiking. 

Most of those who vanish are usually young children or hikers with no experience. 

So let’s start with the case of David Gonzalez who disappeared in 2004. In July 2004, David and his mother were near a camping site in San Bernadino National Forest. He asked if he could go to the car and she watched as he walked all the way there. But as she turned her back for just a mere second, he was gone from her sight. 

The car was only 50 meters away, so it’s unclear how he could have disappeared so fast. The mother claims that she heard no sound of struggle from her son and all she saw was a truck speeding up in the driveway the same moment she realized her son was gone.

It’s certain that he never made it to the car, as the car was still locked. The search went on for a dreadful 9 days and still, there was no sign of him. 

A year later, a group of hikers found his remains a mile away from the campsite. Authorities deemed it as a mountain lion attack, but it’s unclear how this is possible. 

Mountain lions are apex predators, and while the are known to spend hours stalking their prey before attacking, it is a stretch by anyone’s standards to even suggest that such an attack on a 9-year-old boy would go unnoticed, and without any signs of struggle. 

I guess we’ll never find out. 

    2. Kyron Horman


Seven years old Kyron was having a normal day, no different than any other. He was on his way to a science fair with his stepmother in Portland, Oregon, filled with life and excitement. 

He got off the car, said his goodbyes and made his way to his class. 

And least that’s what everyone hoped would happen. 

His stepmother claims that she watched him walk into the school and that she saw him walk into his classroom before she left. But he never did. He was noted as absent from his class, but no one suspected anything until much later on. 

When it was time for him to take the bus home, his parents waited for him, just like every other day. But when he didn’t step out andthey called the school, they found out the horrifying truth; Kyron was gone. 

A search was launched, and despite everyone’s best efforts, Kyron was never found. The stepmother received a restraining order and her husband divorced her. 

Later, it was discovered that the stepmother blamed her issues with her husband on Kyron. 

Despite everything, there was no proof of foul play despite many people thinking that’s exactly what it was and to this day, it has remained a big unsolved mystery. 


    3. Timmothy Pitzen

Timmothy was a normal 6 years old kid, with a family that can only be deemed as dysfunctional. 

His father dropped him off at school, not expecting anything wrong to happen. Unfortunately, 30 minutes later, his mother picked him up claiming  it was a family emergency. 

Timothy’s father filed a report and an investigation started, racing against time to find him. Days later. Timothy’s mother was found inside a motel room with cuts on her wrist and neck (self-inflicted according to the investigators).

A note was found next to her lifeless body, claiming that Timothy will never be found by anyone and that he’s being taken care of by other people. Police tried to look through every surveillance footage they had at their disposal and all they could find was snippets of Timothy and his mother having fun. 

They never managed to find him and to this day, his disappearance remains one of the biggest mysteries.

So what do you think? I found myself feeling sad while reading them and even sadder when I think that this can happen to anyone at any moment. 

But I believe that one day, justice will be served!

-Freya Atwood

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