How to Attract the Faery Folk

Maddie MacKenna

*Please Note: This is written purely for entertaining purposes. The opinions and events listed below are not to be taken as factual truth. This is merely an imaginative piece of writing meant to be enjoyed for its engaging and amusing value!


My Best Friend Lives in Flowers and Dresses in Leaves!

As a child, I was very wary of the Faery Folk. Terrified even! For I had been told they sometimes stole away children who asked too many questions about them, or who even whispered their name!

Yeaaah, not exactly!

The Faery Folk definitely do not steal children! Now, why would they do that? Human children are soft, loud, and they can’t ride faery horses! If I were a faery, that’d sound more like a chore than a real bargain, ya know?

So, nope! 

That old myth about babies being snatched from their mothers’ bosoms by malevolent winged nymphs is just that, a myth. I suspect it all started when a smart mum decided to put her children to bed and keep them there with a story. Mums need their time to relax too, and what better way to keep those loud toddlers at bay than with a scary little tale about forest spirits that will take them away from home if they’re not good?

As I said, smart mum!

The reality about the Small Folk came to me in the form of my jewelry suddenly going missing. Rings, pendants, bracelets, even a couple of hairpins! All kinds of little trinkets would suddenly disappear from my jewelry box never to be seen again.

At first, I thought I had simply misplaced them. I tend to daydream a lot, so losing stuff is an all too common occurrence in my home. When a pair of earrings I’d made for my mother as a child suddenly went missing, I knew it just couldn’t be me.

My grandma, God bless her soul, was an avid believer in the existence of the Faery Folk. Why, she never stopped telling us that she’d seen Faeries riding bees in her garden once or twice, helping them extract the nectar from flowers!

And remembering her stories, an idea took form in my head: if her words had any merit, then Faeries weren’t all that bad.

So, what did I do?

I made them tea of course!

Herbal tea, with a touch of honey and two sugar cubes. They are not particularly fond of milk in their tea so you might want to avoid that.

However, a bit of milk with a few chocolate-chip cookie crumbs would definitely make you one of their favorite people!

Faeries have a sweet tooth, what can I say…

Don’t spoil them too much though! For their desire for sweets is almost as strong as their desire for little treasures. You don’t want your pantry to be their next victim after your jewelry box, do you?

Speaking from experience here, ya know?

Next time you spend any amount of time cooking in your kitchen stay on the lookout for any fleeting shadows in the corner of your eye. It will be but a momentary thing, a notion that something just slipped past you, or over your shoulder.

Chances are, a little faerie is watching you and waiting for their chance to have a little taste! Unless it’s a trickster faerie, in which case you might want to keep that salt container sealed…

You see, contrary to popular belief, the Small Folk do enjoy human company—especially that of children, who can see and interact with them—and they do have a habit of choosing certain homes or people to attach themselves to. Well, if a nice faerie chooses to attach themselves to you or your house…Wow, aren’t you lucky!

There are different ways to tell if a faerie has visited your home if they have made a home for themselves in your garden.

Don’t worry! All of them are pretty pleasant!

Let’s take a look at a few telltale signs that the Small Folk have taken a liking to you, shall we?


Small and Shiny Objects Suddenly Vanish, Such as Coins and Pieces of Jewelry

I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it really is a pretty good indicator! Next time a ring goes missing unexplainably, you might want to reevaluate your idea of who the culprit could be…



Missing Clothing

Similar to missing jewelry, you will notice that small articles of clothing suddenly go missing or turn up in unexpected places inside the house.

Even if you didn’t plant anything outside, you will notice plants growing close to your home. If you live in a highly urbanized area with no space for planting, faeries will make their presence known by blowing some dandelion seeds your way.


Pet Behavior

If you have pets, they may suddenly exhibit happy, energetic behaviors, such as dancing, running, or jumping around. During such times, faeries may be playing with them.

Well, that certainly explains why my dogs seem unable to sit still for more than ten minutes…


The Presence of Birds

You will see wild birds come and perch near your home, singing their songs briefly, and then flying away. They will do this while the faeries are in your home. Birds and faeries have been partners for a long, long time, and birds often let faeries hide in the warmth of their feathers when the weather gets colder.


The Magic Hour

At night, or even during sunset, you may hear small, strange taps, the source of which you are unable to find. If you have heard these little noises, chances are that they were the bells faeries braid into the manes of their horses!

Wow, aren’t you a fortunate one?

You see, sunset is a magical hour! Not only because you can sit down and enjoy it with your significant other during a romantic picnic, or because you can take that swoon-worthy Instagram selfie with the setting sun as your backdrop.

Sunset is that time of the day when the gate to the Faery Glen is at its highest vibration.

And what does that mean, Maddie?

Well, my darling, that means that if you want to invite faeries into your life and home, sunset would be the best time to do it! That magical hour when day gives way to night and the sun dips behind the horizon, casting its last gentle rays over the land. Can you think of time more magical than that?


Have you experienced any of the signs above?

If you have, then good for you! The faeries in your home will be sure to bring you much joy and good luck!

If not…

Well, you didn’t seriously think I’d leave you hanging, right?

There are, of course, ways to attract the Small Folk into your home.

And why wouldn’t you? Faeries are awesome!


Stepping Up Your Gardening

You can start by placing plants and flowers around your home. If the flowers are fragrant, that’s even better! Faeries love to sleep on flower petals so a bed that smells nice always puts them in a good mood!

But remember, the plants and flowers you mean to use to attract faeries should be fresh and healthy!

The Faery Folk have been around much, much longer than humans, and their relationship with mother earth is fabled. They are an integral part of her, and their knowledge of her gifts is legendary. Having spent the better part of four to five millennia watching humans mistreat the environment has definitely driven a wedge between our relationship with them. They do not take kindly to people disrespecting nature, that’s for sure.


Keep It Natural

Minimize your use of appliances that emit strong energy waves, such as the microwave. Faeries have their own unique energies, born from the earth itself. That’s why energies not connected to the flora and fauna make them wary and nervous. They also give them headaches!

And let me tell you, a faerie with a headache is a recipe for disaster…Don’t I know it!


The Faery Altar

Faeries love a bath! They like to wet their toes while munching on seeds, they like to wash their wings, and they like to splash water in order to create little rainbows!

Make an altar and little tub using a bowl, preferably made from natural material. Stone or woodwork best, in my experience. Faeries are more connected to nature than we could ever hope to be, and artificial materials like plastic make them nervous. Decorate your faery altar with fresh flowers, natural stones, and change the water regularly. Faery wings are super sensitive so stationary water could potentially harm them!

On rare occasions—and only if you can afford or if you have one already—a crystal bowl could serve as a beautiful, energy-replenishing faerie bathtub. Bowls made from natural rose quartz, labradorite or lapis lazuli carry wonderful energies and would certainly please your visitors from the Faery Glen!


Give Faery Offerings

The custom of leaving libations for the faery folk is one dating back centuries. Milk farmers in Ireland would leave out a libation after every milking to keep the faeries happy. As has already been mentioned, a happy faery is less likely to cause trouble. Libations of mead or bowls of barley were also common faery offerings. For house faeries, leave a portion of your dinner on the dinner table at night. Faeries are finicky and mostly don’t like to be thanked or doted over, so quietly leave your faery offerings in your house or garden. This is a key step to attract faeries to your garden and home.

The faery altar mentioned right above is a great spot to leave your offerings too. The faeries can take a relaxing bath and enjoy the baked cookies you so graciously prepared for them.


Build Them a Faery House

Faeries are picky about where they live, and they mostly live in unspoiled parts of nature. If you have a gardener or lawn service, take over the duty yourself. Faeries don’t like to be disturbed by people other than the ones they know. Add a small fountain or waterfall to your garden if budget allows. If you happen to have a stump of an old tree, this can become the faeries’ residence. Or arrange a circle of stones. Circles are a favorite hang-out spot for faeries. Additionally, faery circles are known to provide protection from less pleasant tricksters like brownies or the Unseelie Court!

Create faery houses out of birdhouses and other natural materials and place them in a safe spot in the garden. Leave offerings there for the garden faeries. Make sure no one, including pets, disturbs this area.

You see, living with faeries can be a strange ordeal at first, until you get used to their presence. You might never be able to actually see their physical form, for their vibrational fields are a lot higher than our eyes can perceive, but you will know they are there.

They will make their presence known. You will see their shadows in the corner of your eye, and you will feel the light breeze created by the flutter of their wings as they fly by your ear.

You might even hear their magical bells as their ride their faery horses through your garden!

The question is…Are you ready to believe? 😉


Written by Maddie MacKenna

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