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Rescued by a Wicked Baron

She is his dawn of bliss. He is her dusk of wounds...

Closed within her shell and withdrawn from society, Catherine Barnet suffers both from shame over her brother’s actions and the scars his abusive behavior left on her.

Patrick Conolly, Baron of Ramshay, has been loving Catherine from afar all of his life...until the day she finally notices him.

But they are unaware of something crucial: someone is watching them and, enraged by their sudden closeness, things are about to change for both of them...

When Catherine finds out that Patrick, just like her brother, is involved with notorious criminals, she loses her trust in him.

Desperate to win her back and clear his name, Patrick visits Catherine’s brother in prison. But he is not prepared for what he is about to hear...

Her Duke in Shining Armor

So dark, so deep, the secrets that you keep…

Eleanor Stanley, daughter of the Duke of Brisdane, is certainly not the apple of her father’s eye.

Rebellious and blatantly outspoken about her dislike for the hypocrisy of the ton, she’s earned herself not only a bluestocking reputation but also the nickname ‘Lady Disdain.”

Aaron Bravolt, Duke of Oberton, never expected to catch one Lady Eleanor sneaking a servant child out at night in order to spare her from her father’s wrath. But his determination to decrypt the puzzling lady has consequences he couldn’t have foreseen.

With his own assents under attack by a mysterious adversary, Aaron has only eighteen hours to discover what really happened to the Duke of Brisdane’s late wife and to keep Eleanor from being taken away from him forever.

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