Olivia Bennet

As the attraction between Oliver Fulton, Duke of Dowding, and Priscilla grows fiercer, so do the threats against the Duke’s household.
After her fiancé's wreck, Phoebe is finally close to marrying his brother, whom she's always loved. Until the day the former returns from the dead...
From the moment the Marquess of Clive lays his eyes on Cecilia, a poor carpenter's daughter, his life takes an unexpected yet exciting turn...
Allan’s past has left its marks on both his body and soul. Until the day he meets Esther, a dashing spinster, whose eyes send shivers down his spine.
With a well-hidden secret threatening to destroy him, Luke disappears in his attempt to save Teresa from the notorious man behind the mask…
Being forced to marry the hideous Duke of Helmsfield, Isabella's view of the world changes entirely the day she meets him for the very first time.
When Jemima runs away from her evil betrothed disguised as a young sailor, she meets the mysterious Earl of Burhill who holds the key to her freedom.
With their pasts intertwined and something dark connecting them, the Duke of Northcott is Abigail's only hope of escaping her terrible fate in gaol.
A feud that spans generations, a stable-boy with a mysterious past and an enemy out for blood and vengeance throw Lady Lydia's life in jeopardy.