Disguised as a commoner to find his missing sister, Ernest meets Rachel, a gorgeous escort, who yearns for a chance at an entirely different life...
Alone in a Scottish castle waiting for her marriage, Ellen is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Until she beds her betrothed’s brother...
Blinded by their differences in social status, Frederick has spent their whole lives rejecting her love, and Josephine has finally had enough...
Being forced to marry the hideous Duke of Helmsfield, Isabella's view of the world changes entirely the day she meets him for the very first time.


With only a few hours left, the Lordstar crew has one last chance to decrypt the secret message before humanity faces its last extinction level event.
In love with his prospective bride's maid, Maximilian will do anything in his power to keep her safe. But Eugenia is not who she thinks she is. An old pendant and two strangers with power in their hands just might hold the answer to the riddle.
Hired by the Horenwall estate, Rosaline has to face both the lady that sent her late sister to jail and a malefic ploy against the handsome Duke.
When Jemima runs away from her evil betrothed disguised as a young sailor, she meets the mysterious Earl of Burhill who holds the key to her freedom.
Three crows prophesize three sacrifices. Eliza and Arthur must face a killer and the knowledge that the demons of their past share the same face.
Saved by the Duke of Worthington, Leah doesn’t realize that she’s the missing link to a years-old riddle or the deadly trap she’s walking right into.