After the news about her husband’s death in the Atlantic during his service as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, Rose Parsons finds herself in the grand mansion of the Duke of Buford where she discovers a new purpose in life. When a terrible accident disturbs the peace of the household, things start to fall apart, one by one...
While on her way to Canada boarding a Royal Navy’s frigate to find her obnoxious betrothed, Amelia and her maid get captured by a Yankee pirate ship, in charge of the ferocious but dashing Captain Jonathan Mitchell.
Hanna Hamilton's three best-selling Regency romance stories ever. Heartwarming romances filled with mystery, intrigue, surprising twists, and of course, love!
After losing her family in a fire accident, Lucy is taken in the Grayson estate. Her new family turns into a nightmare, but George Grayson is her only ally!
The amazing story of Emily Dunn, a star pianist, and Mark, the Duke of Linfield. A choice between career and love that will seal their fate forever…
On the cusp of the Crimean War, Clementine meets the dashing Major Stirling Whitt Whittaker who asks for her hand in marriage. However, as fate drags them apart, twisting and weaving the threads of destiny, will Stirling survive the horrors of war unscathed or will she have to treat him like the many other hundreds of men coming from the front?
As Robert, the handsome Earl of Donnelly, starts working together with romance writer Diana Browning, they become increasingly attracted to each other, even though DIana is engaged and unavailable. However, circumstances contrive to bring many surprises, and nothing comes out as anyone quite expected.
Lady Annabelle Hathaway’s life is turned upside down when her father declares that he has found an excellent suitor for her, Lord Watson Ashdown. What he does not realize, is that Watson is cruel and inappropriate for the Hathaway reputation. But that is not the only problem... Annabelle did not mean it to happen, but she has fallen for Floyd Brewer, the stable boy who works on her family’s land. Or so she believes about him… He is kind, loving and caring and nothing like the horrible Lord, but he is not a man that her father will find acceptable. How will Annabelle get out of her marriage? And what will happen when she discovers that Floyd has some secrets about his real status?
Elizabeth, the five-year-old daughter of the Duke of Lennox. The Duke while charming and vigorous is still suffering from the loss of his wife. However, Susan, also courted by Daniel, a handsome and dashing naval captain, finds she’s torn between the two men. But things are never what they seem to be, and soon life-changing events begin to alter the dynamics in the two relationships as Susan begins to learn more about the two suitors.

The Duke of My Heart

Iris Warwick has it all: wealth, beauty and any man she wants. The only problem is she doesn’t want any of it. When her maid suggests that they switch places just for one night while she helps Iris to escape her betrothed, Iris is ecstatic at the idea. But one night can change everything...