On a quest to prove her innocence and unmask the true monster to save the Duke of Lyndon’s life, Regina has ten days until the devil takes the final shot.
A diamond brooch she discovers the night at the ball in Langley Hall is all it takes for Selina Terrell to see her quiet life turn into a nightmare.
Just a shawl and a chocolate box were left behind after the terrible accident that took Emmeline's life. Noah her sworn enemy…and devoted lover…is the only man that hasn’t lost hope on her.
Henrietta loved science, Ewan his sorrow. Strange as it may be, they could stand a chance together...if they ever survive the rage of a secret enemy.
A voiceless stranger came with a storm and brought love but also danger into the Duke of Rutland's life. As darkness is after her, he has to save her.
With a powerful ruler desperate to destroy him, Hector MacTavish and a mysterious English lass embark on a dangerous journey to find his lost brother.
Five rubies for five visits from a dashing Duke. All to give the tormented Lady Helena the illusion of being loved. And there a fairytale begins...
Sometimes love is not hard to find, it's only hard to see. The untamed Adelaide made all the wrong choices in love... Will she have a second chance?
Charity's world turns upside down when Adam, the disowned Duke's son comes back to town to clear his name of the terrible crime he is being accused of.
Fighting for love has always been an evident choice for the Marquess of Harwood. But when one's obscure family is the enemy, the outcome is uncertain...