Hanna Hamilton

The love between Thea and Liam is fated, but the world of men has other plans. First comes sickness, then comes poison, and then Liam goes missing…
In love with his prospective bride's maid, Maximilian will do anything in his power to keep her safe. But Eugenia is not who she thinks she is. An old pendant and two strangers with power in their hands just might hold the answer to the riddle.
Three crows prophesize three sacrifices. Eliza and Arthur must face a killer and the knowledge that the demons of their past share the same face.
When the Duke of Barley's daughter is kidnapped, he is given an ultimatum: Caroline, the governess he is in love with, must die in her stead.
On the verge of financial ruin, Roger Kingman, Duke of Shelthom, unveils secrets about his parents' death with the help of the elusive Lady Dahlia...
A diamond brooch she discovers the night at the ball in Langley Hall is all it takes for Selina Terrell to see her quiet life turn into a nightmare.
Henrietta loved science, Ewan his sorrow. Strange as it may be, they could stand a chance together...if they ever survive the rage of a secret enemy.
Five rubies for five visits from a dashing Duke. All to give the tormented Lady Helena the illusion of being loved. And there a fairytale begins...
Charity's world turns upside down when Adam, the disowned Duke's son comes back to town to clear his name of the terrible crime he is being accused of.
This is a collection of three of Hanna Hamilton's most heartwarming Regency Romances. Packed with suspense, mystery and of course, pure, clean love that will capture your heart for good!